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The Transpersonal Breathwork Journey

Transpersonal Breathwork is a modality that occurs in safe and supportive group settings led by trained facilitators. This process often evokes supportive feelings of connection and community-building that can facilitate and amplify self-discovery and personal development. With this support, Transpersonal Breathwork can spark transformative catharses even in response to seemingly intractable pain.

The core components of Transpersonal Breathwork are based on Stanislav Grof’s, MD, holotropic theory and his work with his late wife Christina. The experience includes group process, intensified breathing, evocative music, bodywork (when desired), and expressive drawing. The experiences from this practice can parallel reports emerging from mystical and shamanic traditions, as well as experiential philosophy. 

The journey is known to intensify one’s experiential field by which the content and intensity of one’s experience may be beyond those typically accessible during ordinary, normative states of consciousness. Through this intensification, individuals can experience shifts in how they understand and tend to their inner life, allowing for increased opportunities to affect direct change in one’s respective world. These shifts can range from deepening personal insight to posttraumatic catharsis and are most readily occasioned by a self-directed process of affirming all qualities of experience as expressions of Inner Healing. Each experience is different, powerful, and offers what each unique person needs in that moment.

Here are some additional frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Transpersonal Breathwork.

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