Our Wholebeing Framework

The Infinite Workshop was an amazing experience. I felt fully immersed in a weekend of mindfulness and healing. The team did an excellent job of introducing the concepts and ideas around breathwork and helped us map our journey through the process. It was cathartic, fun, memorable, and truly life changing. It has helped me to set a course toward what I envision to be a better version of myself..”


– Addie Johnson, Pendle Hill participant
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Infinity Class w/ Marco

Infinity is a unique spiritual practice designed by Marco that utilizes movement, breathwork, and meditation. The movement in the class includes the basics of strengthening and stabilizing to the coordination of rotating with rhythm. Mindfulness permeates the whole class with very intentional movements and pauses. Finally, the breathwork, a practice of intentional breath patterns to help regulate heart rate, brain waves, and nervous system. Learn more about the Infinity class here.

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Chanting + Meditation w/ Alice

Start your day with sound with Alice and her favorite morning practice of chanting with Kia Miller. You'll leave with a clearer, calming, and more focused mind.

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Group Process Activities

Experience the foundation of our Wholebeing framework. Connect with like-minded individuals, and yourself, in a more deeper and meaningful way.

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Enneagram 101 w/ Jarrod

Explore the wisdom of the Enneagram to chart a path that resonates with your unique spirit. Learn how it can help in the preparation and integration of breathwork journeys.


Drum Journey w/ Marco

Enter your transpersonal breath work experience through Shamanic drumming. Learn to surrender, trust, breath, and connect to the vibration of the drum. 

For any additional support, please reach out to Marco at marco@theinfinitecenter.org

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